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It seems like I have too much time to update these things, don't I? Don't worry, I'm going out and still doing things. I'm not staring at my computer all day.

I have moved my blog updates over to http://strangeplaceforsnow.blogspot.com as travellerspoint is not letting me post pictures that are embedded in each message.

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I went to the Cultural Centre with a group of people who are completing the MA program in Medieval Icelandic Studies. There we saw the saved remains of manuscripts of Icelandic sagas, which was pretty neat because I've been hearing about them ever since elementary school and to see the real thing was cool. You can tell I'm not too into that, eh?
Then we went to fill up on coffee. There I learned that a student had ridden his bike all the way from Germany through to Iceland. I heard the café playing some good post-rock music so I asked who it was. My new discovered band is an Icelandic band called "For a minor reflection" and are touring with Sigur Rós.

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Oink oink, muu muu

So what have I been doing for the past few days? Well, getting settled in yada yada yada. When I first arrived I met two Americans, one of whom had already been to Reykjavík before. So we went into the downtown area to Laugevegur (Washing Street; Saturday in Icelandic is Laugardagur, Washing Day) and to Bonús, the discount supermarket (its symbol is a really, in the words of one of the Americans, demented pig. picture coming soon). Then we headed down to the Old Harbour, which was very nice. The thing I like most about the supermarket so far is that there aren't rows just for candy and granola bars and those types of junk food.
In the evening, I went to a (free!) jazz concert with two girls from Germany and Denmark. It was part of the Reykjavik Jazz Festival. The musicians were good but I didn´t even get a chance to see what they looked like since we got there late. It was raining quite hard so we left early and went into the comforts of dorm beds.

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Lessons Learned, Almost Blown Away

So I don't think I'm going to go on the field excursion that originally led me to want to attend the University of Iceland in the first place. But oh well. Plans and intentions change. That doesn't mean that I can't romp around in the countryside on my own. If the Icelandic tourist board wanted to target me specifically, I think their slogan would have to be: Come to Iceland for the geography, but stay for the almost impossible linguistic analysis!

Today is more wet and windy than yesterday. No wonder there aren't more inhabitants of Reykjavik - no one in their right mind would want to live there! Just kidding. It's better than living in the desert. No offence to anyone living in the desert...anyway I was walking by Tjornnin, a pond right by the university that is always filled with ducks and seagulls and whatnot. I didn't have my camera with me, but I was cracking up at the seagulls' attempts at staying in the air with all the wind. It looked quite silly and was as if they were practicing synchronized air swimming or was part of some puppet show. Poor things...not! I hate seagulls and I was loving watching them suffer.

Prices aren't AS exorbitant as everyone set out to be. I mean, a block of cheese is ~$6, but it's like that in Canada. I first gaped at a hot dog price "special" of 360 kr, but who hasn't seen $3.25 for a hot dog at the stands in Toronto? And Canadian shops can be very expensive when you have factored in all the tax.

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Welcome to Cloudland

Layers upon layers of clouds were the first things I saw as we descended down to Keflavik Airport, 45 minutes from the capital of Reykjavik. Then I saw the sea and thought for just a second that we were going to dive right in.

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