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Cuteness! ;) and No Regrets

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Either I'm more aware of articles about Iceland in magazines, or more magazines have been publishing articles about Iceland. I read an article about the Icelandic stereotype of krútta in PRINT Magazine. It roughly translates into cuteness, as in how musical bands draw their own album art or show themselves knitting. I'd say it ties in with the whole indie/DIY culture, which of course stems basically from emo/goth. That's my view of the lineage of trends anyhow. Did I mention that Sigur Rós isn't really my kind of music? Yet I listen to other types of instrumentalist post-rock (yes, I've categorized them!). I've tried to listen to a lot of their songs and I've tried to enjoy them but I'm not having an epiphany so far. As for krútta, let's just say that I am repulsed by the idea. First of all, I hate knitting and other arts and crafts. Just staring at homemade things makes me want to barf. Maybe it's because it reminds me of my inability to draw or make anything handmade, or my love for industrial-type design. I remember my least favourite subject in elementary school was Art. I would be given foam, pom-poms, markers, pencil crayons,crayons, construction paper, scissors, stencils, sequins, googly eyes, yarn, and be told to go crazy. I would then proceed to take a plain white sheet of paper and draw a cloud or some other basic form on it and breathe a sigh of relief when it was over. So it may be a stereotype, but Iceland is into things krútta right now and I will be shuddering the whole time.

Right after putting down Print, I read the Authentic Rome article of National Geographic Travel. This just exacerbated the bad vibes I was feeling from the last article. I flipped through the Authentic Rome article, looking at the photos of beautiful piazzas in wide open, stately spaces and old architecture. Other than natural elements, every cityscape of Reykjavík is pretty dismal. No offence to anyone taking pictures of it or anyone living there, but it's all grey on grey. Of course, I have no regrets. I know I won't be having the visit-every-country experience that other exchange students will be getting. I won't be riding on bicycles in The Netherlands, eating lots of cheese and croissants in France, walking through timber houses and castles in Germany, riding the tube or buses in England or looking at art and architecture in Italy. One positive thing: At least I'm not going to a very hot place. Right now I can't stand cockroaches and other creepy crawly creatures. I'm still going on exchange to an amazing place. It's just that my experience will be...different.

I feel bad that I've been communicating to Icelanders without using their full alphabet, which includes accents and extra symbols. It's like writing: Hov r ju? So now I'm trying to add in the characters.

Travel Update: I've booked a plane ticket (I'm officially leaving on August 27) and I'm so close to getting my visa!

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